Yard care midland – Some Insights

A lawn is not only a patch of greenery that beautifies your surroundings, but it also helps improve the overall environment naturally. Lawns absorb water preventing storm water run-off and soil erosion while also lending a cooling effect to the environment. Proper yard care midland is essential for a healthy. Here are 7 easy basic care tips that will not only save you time and energy on maintenance but also give you a green and healthy lawn:

1. Follow Correct Watering Techniques:
Water the lawn early in the morning to prevent water evaporation. Your lawn should be watered when it becomes dry. An inch of water once a week is sufficient to sustain a lush. Over watering may lead to a soggy lawn that is susceptible to rotting and disease.landscaping midland

2. Follow Correct Mowing Techniques:
Mow your lawn high. The taller the grass, the more healthy it is because it develops a stronger root system. Cut off only one third of the grass height each time you mow the lawn. Too deep a trimming harms the grass and may leave it open to disease.

3. Use Lawn Clippings as Fertiliser:
Throwing away grass clippings is a criminal waste of natural fertiliser. If you simply leave them on the lawn after moving, Mother Nature will break it down into valuable nutrients that are absorbed by the plants. Besides, it saves you the time and effort of clearing the clippings and bagging them for the garbage collector. Adding them to your compost pile works equally well.check this

4. Use well-maintained Garden Tools:
Make sure to tune up your lawn mower and keep it ready for the mowing season. The mower blades must be sharpened to ensure a clean cut so that your lawn grass is not stressed or ruined.

5. Keep an Eye on the Weeds:
If you are not careful, weeds will take over your lawn in no time at all. Check your lawn frequently for weeds and start weed control process as soon as they emerge. At the emergent stage, you may be able to spot-treat weeds by applying herbicide only to the affected area instead of the whole yard. Also, single, broad-leaved weeds can be pulled out easily.Learn more about this at midlandtxlawns.

6. Aerate your Lawn:
Compact soil hinders plant growth. Aerating helps loosen the soil which is great for the development of grass roots. Your will flourish if the soil is sufficiently aerated frequently.

7. Lawn Fertilisation:
Fertilisation of the lawn is necessary to ensure greenery and health. Application of fertiliser a couple of times in the year should be sufficient especially if you regularly use the grass clippings as mulch.