The Importance of Quality Business Card Printing to Your Company

As a major industrial and commercial hub, located in the West Midlands, it’s important that businesses in Coventry have business card printing firms that they can rely on. It’s even better if they can find reputable companies who can supply all of their office stationery needs – after all, most businesses need far more than just business card printing. They need flyers, promotional posters, letterheads, catalogues and brochures as well. The most cost-effective and efficient way of doing this is with a “one stop shop” approach, where everything is available under one roof.

Not all firms who print business cards can offer this quality of service. This is generally because of the equipment involved. Whereas simple business cards are relatively easy to produce, the same is not true of glossy brochures or A10 posters. However, there are printing companies in the West Midlands who print high quality flyers, posters, banners, brochures etc alongside a wide range of business card options – generally these are the best to go to read more

Why choose a specialist printing firm for your business cards?

Printing companies vary widely in their service, pricing and quality, but if you aim for a well-known and respected name, you can’t go far wrong. A well established firm offering a variety of services will have a steady stream of clientele, plenty of experience, competitive pricing and good quality machinery furnished with the latest technology.

To save money, some companies take a “piecemeal” approach to buying their office stationery, thinking they can undercut the prices of the large multi-print firms. However, this is a mistake. Buying your business cards, catalogues, posters, flyers etc from different companies looks unprofessional, with mismatched lettering, variable logos and inconsistency of colour.

If you value your corporate image, you need to stick to one supplier for all your corporate stationery – and this includes business card printing. Once the firm has your layout, logo, lettering style etc mapped out and stored on their computer, it can be applied to everything you order, giving your corporate stationery a slick continuity which will stay in the mind for all the right reasons.

How to get high quality business cards at low cost
Avoid cheap or free business card offers from unknown vendors – the quality and weight of the paper will be poor; and the size of the cards smaller than usual. However, this doesn’t mean business card printing has to be expensive. You can often get extremely good deals from multi- print companies, whether or not you use their other business services. Some even deliver to your door.

Business card printing in Coventry should reflect the professional image of the company ordering the cards. The best business cards are accurately laid out on card of 335 to 400gsm, with an original logo (rather than one chosen from a preset list, though many printers do offer this option for lower cost). Simplicity, quality and elegance are the key, but there is no reason why you should have to pay heavily for the service.