Learn These Tips for Spraying Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing that entraps our mind while revamping kitchen is painting those dull and discoloured kitchen cabinets. You do not have any idea that a well chosen colour of your kitchen cabinets is sure to transform the overall look of kitchen. Many have a tendency to begin the colouring task without any proper planning which later takes toll on their pockets in terms of maintenance cost. If you want to begin with the colouring work at your office kitchen for changing mood of your employees then do not forget to hire only the best commercial painting companies in Dublin.Do you want to learn more? Visit spraying kitchen cabinets.

Think before you paint cabinets
Updating a kitchen can be fun with cabinet paint job but you should not take it lightly because lot of technicalities are involved in it. There are certain considerations that need to be involved while colouring kitchen cabinets.

Choice of primer
People often commit a common mistake which is in relation to choice of primer. Now, you cannot apply the same primer type as you use on your walls. Bonding primers are only to be applied as stability can be gained between the substrate and coat.

Number of coats
This is one of the major areas which needs special attention as application of more number of coats can either snatch the beauty of cabinets or add a new charm into it. You need to finalise the number of coats from the painting contractor earlier.

Way to apply paint
This can also bring huge differences in the finish that the colouring work will reflect. While working on kitchen it is better to use rollers for paint application instead of spray boxes.

Selection of colour scheme for kitchen
Well, you have myriads of choices in colour but not all can suit your room decor and match up with your personal style.

Neural navy is trending
This colour has taken thousands of householders by awe as its wonderful texture makes cooking fun and relaxing. Beauty of this colour will double when paired with wooden accessories.

Combine two colours
Gone are those days when people used to paint their walls with a single colour but today’s trend is to combine two colours as two different shades when used in unison can bring magic to your kitchen cabinets and walls alike.

Pale colours are best
When it comes to kitchen paint work then those who have to spent long hours in kitchen will definitely want something peaceful and soothing. Pale colours are meant to instil a serene and calm environment. Hire commercial painting companies in Dublin for a professional touch.