About Grass Cutting Service Dublin

When asked about making money during the summer months, many of us think back to the simple days of mowing lawns around the neighborhood. The manual labor and useful service were a good, honest way to earn some extra spending money. We’re here to let you know that grass cutting and lawn maintenance will never go out of style. In fact, starting your own landscaping and lawn maintenance service can be incredibly profitable. Here is a compilation of the tools you will need and the services you should consider to start making money as a professional lawn service.


Keep your equipment updated, clean, and serviced to ensure that it works reliably and lasts a long time. Replacing machinery without getting the maximum use out of it will cut into your profits and hinder your goal of making money. grass cutting service dublin

  • Lawnmower: Having a range of lawnmowers in different sizes and for different applications is critical to making money in the lawn service industry. Be prepared to trim in residential areas, larger gardens, parks, and even golf courses. A cylinder mower is ideal for small yards and gives a short, trim lawn. A rotary mower that is powered by an engine will find the most use, but also require routine maintenance. A cordless mower is battery operated and therefore runs more quietly than the rotary mowers, and also tends to be more lightweight. Large jobs will call for a riding mower, and the most technologically advanced lawnmowers are categorized as hover mowers and robotic mowers.
  • Edger: For careful trimming around gardens, you will want to have an edger on hand. This tool is used to cut the grass along flowerbeds or architectural details like dry steam beds or partial rock walls where a lawnmower could damage delicate plants, or be damaged by heavy rocks. The professional, finished look you create will speak volumes about your lawn service company, and a great reputation means you’ll be making money for months and years to come.
  • Chemicals: Standard chemicals to keep in each of your service trucks include a weed killer like Roundup, fertilizer for neglected plants, and pesticides of various strengths. You may also consider keeping a can of wasp/hornet spray nearby because you never know exactly what you’ll uncover each spring.


  • Cutting: Mowing grass for clients on a biweekly or even weekly basis is the ideal schedule for making money. You can plant new annuals, trees, or shrubs, trim and prune hedges, and weed gardens. Lawn sowing and fertilizing are other services you can add to your repertoire.
  • Cleanup: After mowing and trimming, be sure to rake up leaves and clippings in order to bag up and dispose of the lawn waste. You may find a local composting center where you can drop off the trimmings. If you are willing to extend your work season, you may also find that snow removal and gutter cleaning are winning services for making money.
  • Pest Prevention: Your lawn service should offer pest spraying solutions. Mulching can also be done in areas that are prone to weeds.